Luxury SUV Rental Crete

Luxury SUV rental in Crete, are you looking for SUV Rental in Heraklion Crete Island? Our company offers you this unique moment. Having the opportunity to rent and drive one of the best SUV like Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover  in white color or Mercedes GLE, models ever made, is something that youcannot miss.

Luxury SUV Hire all over Crete in order to explore the beautiful island!

Are you trying to decide between acceleration and safety? Aerodynamic design and luxurious interior? Rent a SUV in Crete and combine both with the new Porsche Cayenne only by "Premium Rent a Car" From 0-100m in only 6.5secs and an interior that reaches perfection is your only choice for your holidays!

•    Porsche Cayenne diesel rental in Crete
•    Mercedes GLE rental in Crete
•    Range Rover rental in Crete
We can also deliver and collect the car at your place, just ask for  it!!

You can Book online your favorite SUV for hire in Crete and we will give you any information, directions and reviews you may need, concerning everything that is located in Crete and of course we will suggest you visit the  most popular beaches there.